Training Syllabus Has The Following Topics

1. Physical Fitness & Mental stress reliever training.
2. Crowd control
3. Fire fighting
4. Course of medical first aid
5. Crisis response & disaster management.
6. Badge of ranks in police & military force.
7. Identification of different type of arms used in public, civil defense & defense.
8. Use of security equipment and devices such as security alarms & screening equipment.
9. For supervisors, leadership & management
10.Incoming Identification papers including Identity card, passport & smart card.
11.Identification of improvised explosive devices.
12.Defensive driving (Compulsory for drivers of armed vehicles and optional for other)
13.Special training for those deputed for body protection )Body Guard) by observation leading unidentified object & unidentified persons conducting anti sabotage checks.
14.Security men should have rudimentary knowledge of Indian penal code, criminal procedure code, right to private defense and should know procedure for loading first information report (FIR) in police stn., arms act (only operative section) explosive act (only operative sections)
15.Shall be able to read understand English & Arabic numerals as normally encountered in identification documents arms licence travel documents & security inspection sheet.
16.Conducting public & correct wearing of uniform.
17.Physical security industrial security of building or apartment security, construction sites, security of hotels & resorts, corporate security to airport & aerodromes, personal security, House hold security, security of Universities and colleges, sections of Embassies and consulted, Hotel security, Hospital Security, Bank or Financial Institution security.
18.Handling & operation of non-prohibited weapons and fire arms (Compulsory arms (compulsory for armed guards and optional for them)

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