Training Procedure:

Our Academic training pattern for security and fire personnel is divided in the following category wise, services and deployment.

A. Service Training:

1. Hospital
2. Hotels
3. School & Colleges
4. Event management like reality show, exhibition.
5. Religions places like Mandir, Pandals.
6. Industrial Corporate Sectors & Factory

B. Ground Training:

1. Practical Training demon trial on security equipment.
2. Complete training of visitor pass and challans.
3. Visit to hospital for first aid
4. Visit to event for training in crowd control.
5. By fire house and water supply for extinguishing fire all different type.
6. Visit to fire brigade.
7. Visit to disaster site for training.

C. Training For Freshers:

  • This is the training for fresher’s is security industry in a new service. This ensure that they understand honesty discipline loyality, Punctuality, Trainers ar made available for different way of training.

D. Advance Training:

  • The Training providers total knowledge and given to those who have completed 5 years of services with the help of security case study quality work is thought to them.

E. Security Management Training:

  • This is course is giving to those who have completed 10 years training. They are provided with command and control quality advanced motivational and leadership technique. So that they can command & control over 100 to 120 security personal of any task.

F. Benefits of Training:

  • Systematic Technical training and Guidance
  • Help to built up good character
  • Help to built up stamina to bear difficulties.
  • Help to make strong, built patience & make brave.
  • Help to make your bread minded.
  • Develop feeling of Love and helping nature & also make your thinking I firm manner

About Us:

Chindit Intelligence Security Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. Its goal is to give quality & services in such a best possible manner that will serve an a social welfare. Now a days we are observing so may crisis an crimes, disasters, such as fire disasters flood etc. and many illegal happenings around us which is polluting environment.

Our Certificates:

Office Address:

Shop No. 5, Pratap Apartment, Plot No. A-111 to A-117,
Sector 19, Koparkhairne, Navi Mumbai - 400 709
(Maharashtra) India. Mobile: 8652468950