1. What type of security guards do you have?

Ans : We provide trained certified, licensed & screened armed and unarmed guards for residential, commercial & industrial properties.

2. What type of insurance does your business?

Ans : We carry general liability policy & workers compensation insurance.

3. Is Chindit intelligence security services (India) Pvt. Ltd. Fully license?

Ans: Chindit Intelligence security services (India) Pvt. Ltd is fully licensed insured & bonded.

4. How do you screen your guards?

Ans: Chindit Intelligence security services (India) Pvt. Ltd. Conducts a complete background check references check, government E-verify check &drug screening for each prospective employee.

5. What new technology does Chindit Intelligence security services (India)Pvt. Ltd. Use?

Ans: We a computerized systems called Digg technology that’s allows our clients to tracks the security guards on an for the hourly basis in addition, tools such as computerized digital photos and videos a variety to tracking software allows Chindit Intelligence security services (India) Pvt Ltd. to remain on the cutting edge of security services. We also evaluate our technology needs on a monthly basis. Assessing whether any new technology might be helpful in protecting our clients, assets.

6. How long are your contracts for?

Ans : We do not have long contract, our contracts are for eleven months and renewed on demand of employee and their performance matters.

7. Do you offer short contracts?

Ans : Yes.

8. Are you rates competitive?

Ans : We have cost effective rates which do not limit the quality of service we provide.

9. How do you supervise your guards?

Ans : Our guards are requited to check in and out with a dispatcher . In addition our filed supervisor conducts random check on all the guards.

10. What type of uniform do your guards were?

Ans : Each of guards wear a dark navy blue long sleep shirt and navy blue trouser, with a maroon Korean cap and black leather belt, black sock & black shoes.

11. What type of Equipment do your guards Carry?

Ans : Each of your guards carries a duty belt which include flash light, baton(Stick) & (Digg loader) additions equipment is supplied depending on the on the clients request and the natural of the job.

12. Is the same guard always assigned to my account or do you rotated them?

Ans: Our operations policy is to assign the same guard to the same accounts, but if a client request that we rotate the guards, we are happy to do so.

About Us:

Chindit Intelligence Security Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. Its goal is to give quality & services in such a best possible manner that will serve an a social welfare. Now a days we are observing so may crisis an crimes, disasters, such as fire disasters flood etc. and many illegal happenings around us which is polluting environment.

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Shop No. 5, Pratap Apartment, Plot No. A-111 to A-117,
Sector 19, Koparkhairne, Navi Mumbai - 400 709
(Maharashtra) India. Mobile: 8652468950