Now a day as every body knows disaster is affecting the whole world. (UNO) united nation organization has planned to solve the problem by international agencies government agencies, and non government organization. Day by day thee is natural disaster like Tsunami etc, which cases big loss of life and property also manmade disaster is taking lives of thousands of people all over world. Lots of money is spend solving disaster. Management and rehabilitation. Our company is teaching this syllabus of security training disaster management & has a team which control disaster crises in very good manner:

1. Disaster planning
2. Disaster Preparedness
3. Disaster Response
4. Mitigation of Risk and threats
5. Disaster Prevention
6. Recovery of Man and materials
7. Relief in the affected area recovering of damaged property

About Us:

Chindit Intelligence Security Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. Its goal is to give quality & services in such a best possible manner that will serve an a social welfare. Now a days we are observing so may crisis an crimes, disasters, such as fire disasters flood etc. and many illegal happenings around us which is polluting environment.

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Shop No. 5, Pratap Apartment, Plot No. A-111 to A-117,
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